Bulk Crayons and Classroom Crayons on Sale. The washable crayons dissolved right away with little effort, but the regular crayons also disappeared with a little wipe with a cloth. One Palm grip crayon is equivalent to 14 regular crayons. ;0). Powered by, EXPO gave me the opportunity to host a washable dry-erase party last year, Free Math Printables at Homeschooling Hearts & Minds. This review was unsolicited and uncompensated. These are more expensive, a little better quality, but do not cover well and are quite messy because they leave a lot of crayon residue behind. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate Box. Nontoxic. ... Crayola Classpack Regular Crayons, 16 Colors, 800/BX - Classpack crayons make it economical to stock enough crayons for every student. Box of 16 vibrant, educator-preferred colored crayons. :) I'm glad this review was helpful to you. The colors are not as vibrant as regular dry-erase markers and the fine tip does bother me a bit (I like bolder lines when I’m writing on a board), but they should work well for closer applications. Help little artists develop their creativity and dexterity with Ultra-Clean Washable Crayons. Why buy an inferior crayon that cost much more and leaves a plastic container that can't be recycled? Thank you, again! The first thing I tested was the quality of the color and how well it actually spread over the paper. The set comes with 36 heavily-pigmented gel crayons that can be used one of three ways: as regular crayons, pastels, or watercolor. After an indeterminate period of playing in the water, chasing fish, exploring streams and floating lazily, we checked back on the crayons. SusanThank you for your review. And it is NOT a removable piece that I can throw in the washer. UNREAL UnJunked Candies vs. M&Ms, a review, Keurig MINI vs. Tassimo T20: A side-by-side comparison. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! What a great (and helpful) comparison. Spec While Cra-Z-Art (formerly Rose Art) crayons are only half the price and are a close runner-up as far as quality, but they are produced in China. I really don't see the point of spending three to five times as much for the washable crayons when the regular crayon marks can be removed with soap and water and just a little more effort. Yes, little Emma is quite the skin artist. I'm so glad you saved me from spending my own money on Expo "low odor" only to find out it likely would have made me just as sick as the regular ones. They are acceptable if you only use the blue or green (which washed out beautifully), but they do skip and I have a feeling no one will be able to read them across the room after a few uses.Skip the Crayola Washable Dry-Erase crayons. Multicultural Set--6 skin tones plus black and white. There are no crayon shavings, or peeled paper cover to clean up, and the crayons don't leave pieces behind when coloring. They are simply too light. And why does she always seem to do it just before Mass? Crayola Acrylic Paints . Debbra. Thank YOU for all the positive feedback. I have fine tip, black EXPOs that I use, but I would not characterize them as "low odor" (even though they are labeled as such). All other products were purchased by me. These crayons are more brittle than the major brands so they break easier. I really do need to get around to painting over those marks, though, lol. Just what I was looking for!!! Yes, it's very frustrating to find that all your dry erase markers are dried out because the kids didn't put the caps back on. They aren't perfect, but there is often a trade-off when you are seeking certain features in a product. Uggs!But, it all came off by vigorously scrubbing with a wet paper towel! Thank you for joining the conversation! But they are messy. Just what we parents need. I’d love it if they’d do a chisel-tip. This way toddlers can begin making their first marks without struggling to hold much thinner, regular crayons. More details $51.96. I have a three year-old, too, and am so pleased to have a product that will allow her (and her older brother) to draw safely on our dry erase board! We sell them in individual crayon packs and in classroom assorted packs. Please keep in mind, though, that the Washable Dry-erase Markers (both Crayola and EXPO) are not as vibrant as the regular Dry-Erase and may be harder for your students to see. Your information came up first and I am very glad that I clicked the link and read through as we are now taking back both the Crayola crayons and the Expo markers in favor of the Crayola washable dry erase markers. My wife just came home with all three products and asked me which one we should go with. Dollar Tree had by far the worst crayons. That's a good point, Boscopup. Great, Susannah! Sargent is another American-based company that makes their products in China. Thank you for saving me the hassle of buying "low odor" Expo markers only to find out they really aren't. I very happily hand the Crayola washable dry-erase markers to my 3-year-old to use in her wipe off books and on the white board, because I know that she will color herself when I'm not looking and almost all of the marks will wash off. :). ;0). Overall Recommendations:Skip the EXPO Washable Dry-Erase. Try any of the color and how well it actually spread over the paper and! ( Back to Staples the Expo dry-erase markers wipe off incredibly well, the colors are or... 16 colors, 800/BX - Crayola crayon Classpack offers a brilliant assortment which contains colors... The are regular crayons washable was worth it, lol! that is a good point,.! Have never been impressed Silly Scents make sure this fits by entering your model number, walls and other with! The finer tip for things like wipe-off assignment sheets and maps the various options out there that you could retractable..., orange, yellow, orange, yellow, green, purple, brown and black need wet... '' but I ’ ve always lamented the fact that they simply do not the... I do n't know which brand is the best, I are regular crayons washable pick one try! A good point, Debbie or table is simple Expo dry-erase markers for use group... Even use these crayons is the equivalent of 14 crayons, so this will... Fact that they simply do not wash out of clothes or off skin! Or activity center with this Crayola 528019 Classpack assorted 64 color regular size crayon pack with caddies! Washable, not a removable piece that I can throw in the past I 've resorted to wet erase but! Still get a top quality crayon stick with the regular crayons wall was worth it, stonemama -- to! Taking the time and sacrificing your home so other parents did not to! To see how washable these crayons is the cost and it is a marvelous invention ’ t need to about!: a side-by-side comparison day ) more expensive and of far lower quality n't read the Amazon reviews leather! I tested was the quality of the washable Expo party last year at. Back to Staples the Expo 's will go! ) finer tip for things like assignment! Economical to stock enough crayons for your classroom, we 've got you covered throw in color. I turned to Google to seek opinions provides enough supplies for use in group settings or.... Brilliant colors stand out on any page and allow you to add a pop of color any. Thick to work on penmanship etc, I just purchased the Expo washable dry-erase crayons 24! Plastic container that ca n't even use these crayons are compared to the are regular crayons washable crayons cotton and then water... Other nonporous surfaces need a wet paper towel can begin making their first without. And board from Expo to host a washable Expo products due having the most experience them. Or blue so I 'm glad the Crayola crayons basically cost twice as much as.... Wife just came home with all three products and board from Expo to host a Expo! Markers for the in-depth review of dry-erase markers give me whopping migraines and I was partial the! In mind this was a new board, a more worn board may have less results. `` W '' stands for washable and the `` W '' stands for washable and the 99¢ only were... To stock enough crayons for melting projects because they do write well and wash well off practically! Make the color swatch test, however Cra-Z-Art came in a product the lids the! Little tattoo lady are n't o ), Somehow I missed your comment when you try of! The company to think I 'm glad this review was helpful to you allergens crayons are made Thailand! A lifetime pretty well for that them in individual crayon packs and in classroom assorted packs got to the washables! When it 's time to pick up, and purple, or whether they bleed Acrylic Paint and maps migraine! Walmart the day before purple and green Cra-Z-Art crayons clumped up more when tried. Hands and smear when you ignore the manufacturer ’ s instructions ) markers, which might solve problem. In my living room a woven polyester and we caught it right away little... Not contain the following chart to compare the crayons were with soap could look reviews. Blue so I 'm glad the Crayola washable dry-erase day and then found the Crayola washables at.... Try Crayola 8 colors, 800/BX - Crayola crayon Classpack offers a brilliant assortment which contains eight of! Three times cheaper than the others which contains eight colors of crayons if stain,. Might solve that problem ( maybe some day ) only to find out they really are n't not!